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by Redglyph, 2021-10-11 17:02:54

Today, Knight by Night gives a new update for FADE, The First Chapter, and a devlog.


In this update changes have been made to make combat more impactful with the addition of weapon trails and new systems.

Hey, Death Bringers. In this new update players will see the following improvements to the game.

  • New changes to side quests and other hidden in game events.
  • Updated stagger values and new weapon trails to add more of an effect to your attacks.
  • A new complex weather system that impacts enemy spawns and has a chance to spawn special enemies.
  • New Dialogue paths and options.

And much more. To go even further into detail on these features I uploaded a new Devlog to showcase the games new changes as well as give you insight on the games current plans.


This video marks a big change in the upcoming content for the game as well as information regarding its future endeavors as we approach the next expansions release.


Currently I project the new update should be out by the end of October which shall finalize some new voice lines and actors. All to prepare for the games upcoming kickstarter. I hope to see you all there and look forward to your feedback on this update. Get out there, Death Bringer.

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