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Fairy Tail - Review @ TSA

by Hiddenx, 2020-07-31 21:51:44

TSA checked out the J-RPG Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail Review

Seven years later...

Far too many anime video games feel like tone deaf cash grabs forcing ill suited genres onto unsuspecting anime and manga franchises. So when Koei Tecmo announced a video game version of Fairy Tail, I was ready to roll my eyes at another arena brawler or Warriors clone and move on, but when they then revealed that Fairy Tail would be a console RPG experience from the developers of the Atelier series, I was all in.



The Fairy Tail franchise and the JRPG genre are a perfect match, and this game perfectly captures the silly yet surprisingly intense charm of the original series. It's a shame that the game often puts so little effort into adapting major story scenes, but that sacrifice is outweighed by the abundance of fun little character interactions and vignettes that are sprinkled throughout the game. Fairy Tail lets you live in the world of Natsu and co. like no other anime game has done before, and any fan of the series is sure to crack a smile at this dedicated RPG experience.


  • Fun, layered, magic-focused combat
  • Huge variety of characters and activites
  • Charming, hilarious character interactions
  • Sharp visuals and fun music


  • Often breezes through major story beats too quickly
  • A bit of a slow start
  • Some story characters don't have 3D models or voices

Score: 8/10

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