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Fear Effect: Sedna - Development finished

by Hiddenx, 2018-02-11 16:10:18

The development of the tactical action game Fear Effect: Sedna is finished:

Development finished! More news soon.

We are very happy to announce that Fear Effect Sedna has finished development and we would like to thank you all on Kickstarter for your support...

Console builds are done. Bugs are gone. Ratings are finalised. Contracts are being signed. Legal requirements are being resolved. Builds are being submitted. Store images are being created. Dates are being set.

We also want to let everyone know the demo of Fear Effect Sedna is no longer available on Steam. We really appreciate all the feedback, comments and bug reports from all of you. The demo really no longer represents the final game and we’re very excited for you all to play it properly.

Understandably, most replies to this might be “When is the release date?”

We can’t say this day, on this month. We can’t say that we’ll be telling you the release date really soon. We can’t say that there’s a file on this computer called “FE_Sedna_Trailer.mp4".

What we can say is - make sure you're following the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Fear Effect, Sushee, Square Enix Collective and Forever Entertainment to make sure you stay up to date.

Speak to you all (very) soon.


Thanks Farflame!

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