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Forged of Blood - Indie Showcase / Forged of Blood

by Myrthos, 2019-08-07 12:12:39

Forgottenlor had the opportunity to ask a number of questions about Forged of Blood as pasrt of the Indie Showcase feature.

RPGWatch: Obviously the focus in Forged of Blood is on the tactical combat. The game also has strategic elements. Does Forged in Blood feature any classic crpg elements such as choice and consequences, branching dialogue, in depth character development, or exploration?

Choice and consequence is a pretty big feature that we tout, and it permeates throughout the game. Permadeath and the insta-loss on the protagonist's death, means that character building is pretty darn important. In the game's narrative, we have branching dialogue and branching story arcs for each of the main factions, and the side quests can have standalone stories with particularly special rewards as well. In all, we have over 64 ending combinations that are derived from the player's choices in their campaign and are directly tied to the tri-axis philosophical index feature we have in Forged of Blood. 

As for character development, your character Tavias will develop by your choices, and the world of Attiras will too as a direct result of your actions. The recruits you will hire and the special characters you will meet are yours to customize when you get them under your command as well.

In terms of exploration, there isn't the traditional exploration in this game as it's more about conquest, however going to the various regions will spawn various quests in the world and there are many standalone special quests hidden throughout the land. 

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