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Game Of Thrones - An RPG would never work

by Silver, 2019-05-11 00:04:11

HitC writes why they believe a Game of Thrones RPG would never work.

Unlike The Witcher 3 which had politics you could ignore, a Game Of Thrones RPG would have to constantly be in-your-face about politics because the property is about ideologies, backstabbing, and the iron throne. Back when the show was good, it was about people playing the game of thrones and the dastardly deeds and sacrifices they would make to end up on top of the series’ now non-existent ladder. Even more so for a video game than the TV show, it would be very difficult for a studio to balance the core politics with the anti-fantasy setting and subplot.

And would gamers want to sit and watch a dozen politically heavy cutscenes? Most would just rather storm off into battle against armies and the White Walkers so they could mindlessly hack-and-slash and overcome overwhelming forces. This would also be untrue to the source material as – at least before season 6 – Game Of Thrones was never heavy on heroics, and characters were always punished or died for the mistakes they made.


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