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Gamedec - Coming to Kickstarter & Gameplay Video

by Silver, 2020-03-24 23:27:55

Gamedec will be launching soon on Kickstarter.


Gamedec is coming to Kickstarter!

Dear gamedecs, we know you're hungry for news, so we've prepared something special for the end of March.

Like many of you noticed during our PAX East event, we're going to Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign will have an additional impact on how much more we can add to the game before its release. Also, it will let us collect some extra funds to expand Gamedec further and add some additional features that we were always dreaming of. More on it later :)

Right now we have but one favor to ask: click this link and smash that "Notify" button!

If you need additional info, simply ask on our Discord channel:

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