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Gamedec - Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding

by Redglyph, 2021-09-10 08:17:27

There has been a couple of short updates on the mechanics of Gamedec on character creation and deduction.

Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding - Character Creation

Welcome to the pre-release Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding! In this series, we will explain the basic mechanics in Gamedec, the upcoming isometric, cyberpunk RPG.

Let's start with character creation - a flexible process that helps you define your primary archetype and origin. During the game, you will shape your character even further with interactions and the Professions you will choose.


Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding - Deduction

It's time for Deduction - our main game mechanics that will define what you think has happened and what clue to investigate further. There is no coming back, so make sure to take everything you can into consideration.



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