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General News - 16 Best Sci Fi RPGs

by Silver, 2019-03-14 06:06:52

Unleash the Gamer shares their list of the best 16 science fiction RPGs.



Before getting down to listing our favorite sci-fi RPGs , we’ll explain the criteria that we considered when deciding whether or not a game fits into the Sci-Fi RPG category.

What an RPG Is (in our opinion)

For the purposes of the article, we consider an RPG a game that has:

  • Story
  • Character building and progression
  • Choices that affect the game world
  • An emphasis on exploration
  • Combat that is directly influenced by player stat choice

What We Consider to Be Sci-Fi 

As for deciding if a game can be included in the Sci-Fi genre, we took into consideration the following factors:

  • Set in a near or distant future
  • Setting and universe based on imagined future scientific or technological advances
  • Science and technology are at the center or the basis of the plot, having either benefited or harmed the societies portrayed
  • Portrays aliens or life on other planets.
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