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General News - Cyberpunk Games List

by Silver, 2018-07-10 05:28:16

CramGaming has a list of new cyberpunk games to look out for.


First up and releasing later this year is Daedalic’s futuristic 3D thriller – State of Mind. Set in Berlin, 2048 you play as a journalist Richard Nolan one of the few criticizing the current state of affairs. A world on the brink with the usual lack of resources, mass illnesses caused by pollution, high crime rates, War, controlling Governments and mega-companies , drones and humanoid robots replacing humans, surveillance reigns supreme – you get the picture. Having mysteriously lost his wife and son, Nolan must delve deeper behind the scenes to uncover a worldwide conspiracy whilst investigating sci-fi themes. Sounds good and releases on consoles and PC in 2018.


Thanks Farflame!

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