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General News - Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam

by Hiddenx, 2019-03-13 19:15:39

PC Gamer reports that the roguelike building sim Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam:

Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam with graphics and mod support

The classic version will still be free and updated, same as always.

I'm telling you, with a straight face, that this is the biggest PC gaming news of 2019: Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam, with graphics and Workshop mod support. Dwarf Fortress is as famous for its ASCII graphics as it is for its unparalleled depth as a procedurally generated simulation of existence. And while it's always been moddable, the new Steam (and release, coming this year, will make an infamously complex game just a little bit easier to get into.


Kitfox Games, makers of Moon Hunters and the upcoming Boyfriend Dungeon, are handling publishing and working with artists and a composer for the new release. The new 32x32 pixel graphics tileset is being created as a collaboration between two long-time Dwarf Fortress modders. Under the surface, Dwarf Fortress will otherwise be the same game. The free version will remain available and be updated same as the version available on Steam, which will cost $20.

thanks henriquejr!

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