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General News - Obscure Forgotten and Underrated RPGs

by Hiddenx, 2022-05-14 08:14:30

Avalanche Reviews presents some lesser known RPGs:

Obscure Forgotten and Underrated RPGs


00:00 Intro 
02:42 Shining Soul
09:27 Suikoden I and II 
12:44 Suikoden IV
14:30 Suikoden V
14:50 Suikoden Tactics
16:12 Eiyuden Chronicle
17:38 Emerald Dragon
21:55 Grandia
23:44 Grandia II
25:08 Grandia Extreme
25:27 Grandia III
29:11 Wachenroder
33:14 Legend of Dragoon
39:05 Growlanser Generations
42:18 Growlanser Heritage of War 
43:18 Growlanser Wayfarer of Time 
45:19 Resonance of Fate 
50:51 Ring of Red 
01:00 Wrapping Things Up 

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