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Gloomhaven - Early Access Release

by Hiddenx, 2019-07-17 22:01:28

The Early Access version of Gloomhaven is now available on Steam:

Gloomhaven's Early Access has Begun!

Gloomhaven has now launched to Steam on PC for 24.99 USD/EUR. Enter the Early Access now and begin adventuring through the dungeons of Gloomhaven, facing off against a variety of deadly foes across a range of dungeons and encountering powerful bosses!

Your journey to the darkened lands of Gloomhaven is complete and your adventures to prove your power have begun. You've settled in the Wayward Inn with your party to rest after your long and difficult travels. While drinking an ale you overhear snippets of conversation between two town militia...A Bandit Commander has come into possession of a number of heretical texts and has begun researching necromancy. Magic generally comes hand in hand with gold and riches, so you have asked around and discovered the location of the bandit's hideout.

You begin your journey and decide that you are not quite ready to confront the Bandit Commander yet. You leave Wayward and decide on raiding some local crypts in search of knowledge and better equipment. It's time to choose your path and begin your adventure! Will you become a mercenary reknown beyond measure, that thinks tactically and plans out their adventure carefully, surviving to the end... or will you be rash and laid to rest by your foes in the depths of the crypts and dungeons of Gloomhaven?


Thanks henriquejr!

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