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Good Shepherd Entertainment - Buys Artificer

by Silver, 2019-04-11 11:55:50

TechRaptor reports that the core team at CreativeForge Games, makers of Phantom Doctrine, have reformed as Artificer and have been bought by Good Shepard Entertainment.

Last month we reported that the core team that developed Phantom Doctrine had departed CreativeForge Games amid a leadership crisis. We actually had a chance to talk to Kacper Szymczak, who was the interim CEO of CreativeForge for some time. Now he is officially the Creative Director at Artificer, the new studio founded by him and the core team of Phantom Doctrine.


While there are no financial details on the deal, the creative juices seem to be flowing freely. Artificer will “apply its philosophy of sustainable and measured development to a wide variety of genres.” While they are initially focusing on a single flagship project to establish the studio, they are also exploring additional opportunities in both creative and business spheres, in order to expand their potential. Details on the flagship project will be released soon. Good Shepherd Entertainment also intends to reveal details on its latest major published title scheduled for announcement in early May.

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