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Greedfall - Game will be 30-45 hours

by Silver, 2019-08-13 12:50:28

GamePressure reports on an Escapist interview about Greedfall where the game length was discovered and the number of endings.

There is no shortage of RPG fans in the world. Not everyone, however, is a fan of very long games. Some people may be discouraged by the fact that they will have to spend more than 100 hours on a title before they see the ending. Fortunately for such people, GreedFall will not be this type of production. As Jehanne Rousseau, president of Spiders studio, said in her interview for The Escapist magazine, it will take about 30 hours to complete the upcoming work of the Parisian team, if someone wants to finish only the main storyline, or 45 hours if the player tries to complete all the side tasks.


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