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HellSign - Forensics Job Teaser

by Silver, 2018-12-05 19:47:05

A new update for HellSign announces a new tutorial mission called Forensics, to ease newcomers into the game.

HellSign v1.0.0.7 Update

Greetings hunters,

For this update we're releasing a job we’ve been working on the last couple of weeks, Forensics!
This is a beginner mission, which is sort of an extended replayable tutorial, to allow new players to the genre to practice their skills and make a bit of cash.

We hope it will ease the difficulty curve for new players .... and hey if you're struggling even in this new job, remember there's always King Street ;)


This might be the last patch before the holidays, but stay tuned as we’ll release an announcement soon.

And until then, happy hunting!

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