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Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.3 Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-09 04:29:51

Winged Pixel has released patch 1.3 for Heroes of a Broken Land.

Heroes of a Broken Land 1.3 Released

Better late than never, since 1.3′s already been out a few days, but here’s the list of changes:

    Allow any Human class to become an Adventurer
    Mofify intro tutorial a bit, now build alchemist before entering hall
    Slightly improve Wizard ATK and DEF bonuses
    Adjust monster XP for new/hard creatures
    Adjust Ghost Rat difficutly (no more Hive rats, less duplication)
    Fix issue with certain custom difficulty games not saving properly
    Fix Wizard skill table, can now get level V Affinity/Focus
    Fix incorrect equipment stats adjustments
    Fix Explosion skill
    Fix building icons in help menu
    Upgraded Unity3D version, if strange stuff happens, this is the cause
    Misc type/spelling fixes

No new screen shots or anything this time, just fixes and tweaks!


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