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Horizon's Gate - Review @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 2020-03-19 17:26:14

The TurnBasedLovers have reviewed Horizon's Gate:

Horizon’s Gate – Review

“Sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be” – Christopher Cross

Usually I don’t write reviews and this isn’t because I don’t like it, but because, in my opinion, it is a very demanding and challenging task (especially for me and my poor English…).
But, as you certainly know, in life there are always exceptions.
Sometime the release of certain games – games you are attracted to for some inexplicable reason – represent the perfect occasion to challenge yourself with a review.
Obviously the game we’re talking about is Horizon’s Gate, an indie release unknown to the majority of people but also a game with very intriguing premises.
Maybe some of you may remember an old game called Voidspire Tactics. It was released few years ago (2015, to be exact) by Rad Codex, a very small indie development team leaded by Sean Hayden, which, despite its simplistic pixe-graphic, was a hidden gem. The reasons? Simple: the game – a nostalgic tactical-RPG – had a very deep and strategic combat system combined with an original setting and some funny ideas. The result was a sleeper hit (if you missed Voidspire Tactics you can still recover it on Steam), a game perfect for nostalgic gamers like me.


It is hard to say something bad about Horizon’s Gate, partially because this is a game with many interesting features and really great ambitions, partially because behind it there is a lot of genuine passion! I really love Rad Codex, they are very talented but their game is not perfect.

At the moment, the game is funny, enjoyable and really entertaining, but not varied enough and that’s a pity because with some extra effort, more kind of quests and some REAL dungeon, Horizon’s Gate would have been a perfect score!

But not all hopes are lost! Rad Codex is famous to update their games and add content to them very often after the release. I have full confidence in them and I'll wait some new big contents during the next months to sail away again!


  • Finally a very big world to explore!
  • The combat system is top-notch, as always
  • An original setting


  • The story is nothing special
  • The exploration is not varied enough
  • Where are the REAL dungeons???

Score: 8/10

Thanks Andrea!

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