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Ikenfell - Review @ Hardcore Gamer

by Hiddenx, 2020-10-09 18:07:03

Hardcore Gamer has reviewed Ikenfell:

Review: Ikenfell

Despite being a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise during the height of its popularity, today I no longer care about the series at all. I think this is largely because ever since the series ended, all efforts to keep the franchise in the public eye have felt forced, from the so-so Fantastic Beasts films to the random and annoying Pottermore tidbits like how wizards would apparently just crap on the floor in the olden days. None of it recaptures the magic of the original books or stokes any nostalgia. Maybe we need something fresh instead, which is why I was immediately intrigued by Ikenfell. The new tactical RPG from Humble Games and developers Happy Ray Games takes places in its own school of magic, meaning comparisons are rather unavoidable. But does Ikenfell have what it takes to be another fantasy classic as well?


Closing Comments:

Ikenfell likely won’t replace the Harry Potter series as a whole when it comes to providing a signature web of tales centered around a magic school, but it still provides one impressive journey on its own. Filled with lovable characters, an enjoyable story, and a colorful world to explore filled with a nice level of challenge and a stunning soundtrack, there’s a lot here for fantasy and RPG fans to check out. Heck, it may even be something to recommend to younger gamers as an introduction to the tactics subgenre. Overall, Ikenfell is a trip to a far-out school that’s definitely worth taking.

Score: 4/5

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