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Infernax - Preview @ Destructoid

by Redglyph, 2022-01-11 19:04:11

Destructoid reviewed an early build of Infernax, which releases on February 14th.

Infernax scratches that Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest itch

Hands-on: It feels good to bonk pixelated monsters in this strange and evil land

While sprawled-out ‘vania games have blown up in the last decade, we haven’t gotten nearly as many tributes that are in line with the NES era of Castlevania, so I’m always happy to see more of ’em bubble up out of the indie scene. One game that really speaks to that retro style is Infernax, which made a good first impression with us last year.

Some would call Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest a mess, others say it’s beautiful, and I’ll borrow from both stances — it’s a beautiful, memorable, mystifying mess. Every time someone invokes its name, I have to fire up a YouTube upload of the soundtrack and bounce around enough to at least hear the catchy town music and iconic "Bloody Tears."

Based on my recent time with a preview build of the game, Infernax has the look, feel, and overall trappings you’d expect — and that’s all I needed to know to be on board with it.




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