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InSomnia - Hands-On Impressions

by Silver, 2018-08-08 14:14:50

Insomnia: The Ark has been previewed by many outlets now that the beta embargo has been lifted.

Cram Gaming Impression can be read at the link or you can watch the videos:


The Opening Segment:


Cultured Vultures shared their gameplay impressions:

When you’re fighting in an area, you’ll notice some characters have yellow names and some have red, as well as some of them having different symbols, too. The symbol tells you what type of weaponry they use, and yellow names generally mean that they don’t see you as a threat to be attacked, whether that means they see you as an ally is a different question, although they will defend themselves if your enemies get too close to them. Red names mean they see you as an enemy, but that can also mean that they cower in fear and hope to not die.

TechRaptor came away positive:

There are also quite a few very clever minigames for hacking, lockpicking, and mechanic fixes. The influence of the minigames in BioShock is very obvious, but there is an original strain here that makes them satisfying and fun to play. Some of them require a substantial amount of crafting material, making it challenging and rewarding. It’s not just a distraction, it fits the setting and the RPG system in a way that is seamless and compelling.

Thanks Farflame!

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