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It Lurks Below - Badlands Update October 10th

by Silver, 2019-10-04 23:10:55

It Lurks Below will have a large free content update October 10th called 'Badlands'.

FREE content update for It Lurks Below

Available October 10th 2019

Ogre Race

Play as the new Ogre Race, experts in melee combat and cute, flapping ears.

Multi Class

Unlock your class ancient items and pass them onto new characters to build the ultimate multi-classes.

Shared Town

Build the most amazing town and share it among all your characters.

Badlands Zone

Explore the Ogre home area, know as the Badlands, meet all new monsters and bosses.

Class Runewords

Class runewords are one among the many new runeword recipes sold in the Badlands.


Upgrade your gear, the way you want, with the new enchanting books.

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