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JADE - 0.2.0 Released

by Dhruin, 2011-11-07 09:50:38

Resident roguelike fan getter77 sends word that JADE - the Java implementation of ADOM - has reached v0.2.0:

After almost three months I'm proud to announce the release of JADE 0.2.0. This release marks a major and very important milestone for JADE in the quest to succeed ADOM.
JADE 0.2.0 is the first JADE release that I dare to call a "real game". It's still pretty limited when comparing it to ADOM content-wise but the rate of advancement is amazing to me (almost 20.000 lines of pure Java code added in 10 weeks, not counting comments and other stuff - I'll post an interesting statistic concerning that, soon). Additionally JADE 0.2.0 sports a number of features that already lift it above and beyond ADOM as those things would be pretty hard to add to ADOM. So here are the highlights of the 0.2.0 release, the detailed list comes next:

  • Quests that provide a "winning condition"
  • Addition of all the races from ADOM plus three new classes (tinkers, thieves and commoners besides fighters)
  • Multi-classing (yeah - very cool once more classes are there)
  • A construction and processing system that allows many modifications to the environment (and can be trivially extended once ideas start flowing from the community)
  • Many many new interaction means with the environment
  • About 100 new base item types as well as more than two dozen new monsters
  • Liquids, environmental effects, many new powers and abilities, an animation system, etc. pp.

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