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Jade Empire - SE Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2007-03-27 23:41:28

Citing the art direction and dialogue that is "always tipping the scale on the superb side", GameZone's score for Jade Empire SE is 9.3/10:

As you can see, Bioware created a diverse cast of villains to hunt down and face off with. Death’s Hand is hands down the winner for best costume and late in the game, if you meet the right requirements, he could possibly end up being a party member. Like in all their RPGs, Bioware includes a party system for Jade Empire. You are able to take one follower along from the selection of 10 or more NPCs that you recruit along the way. Elder Scrolls IV fanatics will be disappointed to hear that the storyline of Jade Empire is linear. Many of the freedoms in the game come along with making decisions throughout the dialogue. Have no fear though, as linear as Jade Empire may be, the game will grab a hold of your interest right away and create a feeling that you are living and breathing in the world around you. Plus, to finish Jade Empire, players will be surpassing the 20 hour mark – just don’t compare it to the Elder Scrolls series.

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