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Jagged Alliance: Rage! - Preview @ Wccftech

by Hiddenx, 2018-10-10 23:18:51

Wccftech has previewed Jagged Alliance: Rage!:

Jagged Alliance: Rage Preview – A Veteran’s Touch

Time hasn’t been kind to Jagged Alliance. At a ripe old age of 23, the series has seen its fair share of ups and downs. To be more accurate, it performed incredibly well when it began, which rose even higher with the second release, to then slump into a drunken stupor offering only a glimmer of hope.


Set 20 years after the original, one of the major focuses for Jagged Alliance: Rage is showing just how human your ragtag band of mercenaries are. Over the past twenty years, what were strong, almost superhuman fighting machines are showing the effects of constant battles. Ivan, a mainstay of the series is now an alcoholic. Grunty, who idolised Ivan, has lost the heart for the business. Sadly, Grunty also has high blood pressure and is at risk of a heart attack when under strain. Shadow, from Jagged Alliance 2, now prefers to work alone and has a terrible immune system following a friendly-fire gas attack. Others also have their downsides but are still excellent fighting machines when they need to be.

These elements are more than just flavour text to enhance the characters and show the passage of time. Simply put, they have a huge effect on the game. If Ivan doesn’t have a bit of booze, he’ll get the shakes and his accuracy is largely diminished as a result. Shadow, one of my personal favourites, best hope he doesn’t get a wound – infection is a seriously high chance and can lower his HP, making it much easier to kill him. The tradeoffs are interesting and seriously add to the difficulty of Jagged Alliance: Rage, they certainly make you think too.


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