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John Wick Hex - Review @PCGamesN

by Silver, 2019-10-08 20:09:42

John Wick Hex has been reviewed by PCGamesN who call it animalistic strategy.

John Wick Hex teaches you how. It is, as my dad and Desmond Tutu before him once said, like eating an elephant: a matter of tackling the meal one bite at a time. This is a turn-based tactics game that will appeal if you’re a fan of XCOM, but it’s no place for long-term strategy. There is no overarching plan that will see you from one end of a room full of goons to the other. Instead you have to do as Wick does: react, react, react, until the bodies pile high and the gunfire quiets.

Your tools are the same as those of your enemies: punches, parries, pushes, and whichever loaded gun is closest. Your advantages are a slightly faster trigger finger, a thicker health bar, and the mind of John Wick. You spend the majority of your time occupying the thin mental space where Wick does his work, analysing the scene before him. Mercifully, in Hex, that split-second lasts as long as you need it to.


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