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Kenshi - Early Access Review

by Hiddenx, 2017-07-13 18:59:43

Selectbutton has reviewed the Early Access RPG Kenshi, which is in development for several years now:

Kenshi Early Access Review

Kenshi is a game. That I'm sure about. Kenshi is a lot of things within a game. This is something else I'm sure about.

Kenshi feels like the amalgamated material of Mount & Blade, The Elder Scrolls, and several survival games all thrown in for good measure. This brutal game is a challenge from the start, either from possible starvation, bandit attacks, or sheer bad luck. While there are tooltips and some helpful guides along the way (it's always worth asking around), the game drops you in and sets you loose without much else.

Before being dropped into the world though, there are things to attend to. These include what kind of scenario you're playing, character customization, and advanced option tweaking (highly recommended) that can give you a slight edge in your early games. The scenarios change the overall framework of the game, subtly influencing your gameplay to be more RPG-like or more crafting/trading oriented. One even puts an interesting spin on a more RTS-like experience within the confines of this game. The customization is also a nice treat as it offers a large variety of options such as everything from character race to individual traits. On your group experiences, you're able to fully customize every member of your group. They still come out looking like poor and haggard bums when you first hit the dusty world, but the sheer variety is impressive.


Simply Put

Kenshi is a lot of ideas thrown together. A lot. I'm interested to see what a final version might look like. While Chris Hunt, founder of Lo-Fi Games developed the game himself over the course of six years, the team grew upon the game's success on Steam Greenlight. With that said, even I found there may just be too much going on at once. Kenshi has quite a steep learning curve, but I know there are many willing to enjoy the kind of freedom featured in the game.

I'm still finding out new things here and there as I play and considering the large size of the map, I'm positive I'll continue to do so. My only concern is the noted steep learning curve: it was a bit of a turn off when I initially started the game. I was appreciative of the tool tips and small guidance points the game provided, but there's so much out there even then. Some will also find this to be an issue when starting the game up, but for those looking to play something a little like Mount & Blade set in a fantasy type world with an incredible challenge, Kenshi might be a great fit.

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