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Ember - Game of the Week @ TouchArcade

by Hiddenx, 2016-09-17 09:32:09

TouchArcade elected Ember as their game of the week:


One of the coolest aspects of Ember is its combat system, which is a hybrid real-time system that sees you hacking and slashing your heart out but does give you the ability to pause time during a battle and choose a certain spell or item from your inventory without fear of the enemy pummeling you to death while you're distracted. The combat is extremely enjoyable, and this style lends itself very well to a mobile game and especially to a touchscreen device.

Another interesting thing about Ember is that it's also available on the PC, but this isn't a port. In fact it was developed from the ground up for both platforms simultaneously. Seeing as the default control scheme on the PC is almost entirely mouse-based, this translates really well to the touchscreen. The one area I'd probably criticize is that on my current iPhone 6S the text and many of the UI elements are a bit small. Not unplayably so, but enough to be occasionally be annoying. This is likely not an issue on the iPad or even the larger Plus model iPhones.


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