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Kickstarter Games - Toby's Island

by Hiddenx, 2019-09-05 08:27:03

Daveyd spotted a Creature Collecting, Farming Sim, Town Restoration RPG on Kickstarter - Toby's Island:

Toby's Island


Toby's Island is a game about gathering.  Gathering creatures, gathering supplies, gathering friends and gathering clues.


It's a game about secrets that you will find by listening to rumours or solving puzzles or finding messages in bottles or reading notes from your ancestors.  I want you to want to explore every corner of every map.  I want you to want to back track.  To play again.  I want every new in game day to bring you a new surprise that keeps you playing not because of the Stockholm syndrome you get from mobile games that feel like second jobs, but because you are curious and in love.


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