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Kingmaker - Cleric Companion

by Myrthos, 2017-11-16 09:22:33

Tristian is a cleric who embodies the virtues of his divine lady, the ever radiant Sarenrae. He is a gentle and kind person, always willing to help someone in distress. If things like this appeal to you:

According to the dogma of the Everlight, no being, no matter what heinous acts it committed, should be denied a chance of redemption. It is the way Tristian follows determinedly – even given the unpleasant experiences and disappointments he found during his travels across Golarion, Tristian still believes in redemption for all.

Or this:

Tristian never preaches, and shares the teachings of Sarenrae only with those who ask to hear them. His faithfulness mixes well with his good-natured curiosity, inexhaustible kindness, and unfailing belief in the inherent good  inside every living person - although you cannot help but notice a trace of sorrow in the young cleric's words.

Tristian always seeks to help those in need, but his most recent expedition to the Stolen Lands is one of the greatest tests of his spirit. Something wicked has taken root in the swamps and plains of this region – something that makes curses of all kinds much more potent and deadly. In search of answers Tristian unites with a bold adventurer who seeks to bring peace and order to the Stolen Lands. Should you rely on the cleric and invite him into your party, Tristian will look for the most practical way to help – he never preaches his beliefs if not asked to enlighten others about the teachings of Sarenrae.

Then he might be a good fit for your party.


As the video shows, Tristian also can put up a fight when needed. Don't forget to also check out the additional information in the Kickstarter update.

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