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Kingmaker - Review @ Gamesxtreme

by Hiddenx, 2018-11-04 11:11:08

Gamesxtreme reviewed Pathfinder: Kingmaker:

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Review

Starting in with Pathfinder: Kingmaker, you have to examine its serious and deep digging roots. Let me just take a side note here and say, because this is going to be important to my views of the game, that I've never heard of Pathfinder in its original form, nor do I (unfortunately) play tabletop or pen and paper roleplaying games. The surprise of Pathfinder having a roleplay system that's been developed for ten years was a pleasant one indeed. Suddenly the core of Kingmaker made perfect sense and aside from already enjoying the gameplay, enriched it with a bit of gaming history. From what I understand, the player and fan base of Pathfinder is quite a large and loyal following as well, so it should come to no surprise that when Kingmaker was announced on Kickstarter. It blew the goal out of the water totaling to $909,057 out of it's $500,000 goal.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker is certainly the king of kings when it comes to roleplaying games brought to a digital platform. You can really feel like this is a title made FOR the fans BY fans. Every bit of it is lovingly handcrafted and it shows. I have to put this down as a highly recommend for all: if you're new to the genre, this is a fantastic place to start. If you're not--boy, are you in for a pleasant surprise. And on native Linux too! A great time for all to be had.

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