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Armored Princess - Review @ Gamepex

by Dhruin, 2010-01-04 10:03:26

Gamepex writes in with their review of Armoured Princess, which carries a modest score of 7/10.  Graphics, sound and "constant restocking of troops" are all criticised, with the dialogue and engaging combat among the positives:

This, unfortunately, introduces one of the reasons why this game doesn’t come with a “guaranteed fresh” seal of approval. Let’s say you have 10 units, all of whom you take into battle. After celebrating your victory, you come to realize you only have two left. Two, unfortunately, is too few for the next battle, so you decide to buy more. Trouble is, this particular unit is only available on another island. So, back to the boat you go. Open up your map, click on the desired island, find the store and travel back. After. Every. Single. Battle. Obviously, this gets a bit old.

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