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King's Bounty II - Preview In Nine Minutes

by Silver, 2020-11-16 09:32:49

RPG Geeks previewed King's Bounty II in 9 minutes. The video is in Russian but you can auto-translate it to English. Gamewatcher has a preview writeup of the Demo they witnessed.


Life is hard for a noble knight! Either go and kill the dragon, then go to save the princess from captivity in the tower, and she during the captivity, take and grow some kind of dirty trick! And as a reward for you, brave hero, protector of the weak and patron of the innocent ... well, how lucky. Sometimes half a kingdom, sometimes a shish with butter, but today - another part from the venerable game series, which for the second time is transformed beyond recognition. What came of this, and whether such a creation will be to the taste of fans of virtual knightly novels - we will now find out!

The editorial staff of the RPG GEEKS channel attended the presentation of King's Bounty 2, which is preparing for release in March 2021, and we are in a hurry to share our impressions! Dismount from your horse, hide the sword in the sheath and do not forget to lift the visor, otherwise it will be inconvenient to watch the video!


King’s Bounty 2 will feature three hero classes, each having their own story. We got a look at the warrior, who’s able to field the largest armies but can only use magic through scrolls. On the flipside, warriors only have to worry about the main currency: Gold. The other currency – Mana – is a precious resource when you pick a spellcaster as your class.

Your class choice also affects the approaches you can take to completing quests. At one point in the demo, a pack of golems blocked the warrior’s way. Without access to magic, fighting them was the only option.

You bolster your armies by purchasing troops from vendors found across the world. The location you’re buying them from determines the available types.

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