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Knights of the Chalice II - Pre-Kickstarter Interview

by Silver, 2019-03-11 18:26:03

Pierre Begue was interviewed by RPG Codex about Knights of the Chalice 2.

2) Taking a look at the KotC2 FAQ and seeing the sheer number of classes, feats and spells listed, it's obvious the game is significantly more complex than KotC1. Great complexity usually goes hand in hand with a propensity for bugs. How do you tackle this challenge? Do you have any plans for an extended beta period, perhaps within the Steam Early Access framework after the Kickstarter is done?

Yes, it's true that complexity goes hand in hand with bugs. But I've already spent a long time fixing bugs in KotC 2, based on the principle that 'I fix it as soon as I see it'. So I think that the game is quite stable now. I expect that most of the remaining bugs will be associated with spells and psionic powers that I've not been able to test sufficiently so far. I'll fix all the remaining bugs once I get bug reports after the end of the Kickstarter campaign. After that, we can have a proper launch of KotC 2 Augury of Chaos on Steam. Steam Early Access is probably not needed in this case.

3) Unlike KotC1 the new game will feature skills, including social skills, a substantial amount of them actually. How important are those skills gameplay-wise? Where do they find application?

Skills are important as they give you access to more dialogue options. These extra dialogue options often grant benefits to the player's party. For example, with the [Nature] skill, you may be able to identify monster tracks, allowing the party to avoid being surprised when the monsters attack. You may also be able to collect herbs that allow the party members to recover Hit Points or their daily spells and psionic powers. With the [Mantis Light Sleep] skill, you may avoid a surprise attack taking place when the party is resting. At one point in the game, a Coven of Witches demands some blood from the party. Gameplay-wise, it means losing some Hit Points permanently. But if you have the [Bard Perform] skill, you can use it to avoid losing Hit Points. The party will not get blocked if it lacks any particular skill, but having more skills may make the experience more enjoyable.


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