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Knights of the Chalice II - Q&A with Pierre Begue of Heroic Fantasy Games

by Silver, 2020-06-25 04:29:43

Shaneplays did a long interview with Pierre Begue of Heroic Fantasy Games which currently has a Kickstarter going for Knights of the Chalice II.

How long have you been working on Knights of the Chalice 2?

I’ve been working on KotC 2 for about ten years, from 2010 to 2020. I worked on the game for about seven years on a part-time basis and for about three years on a full-time basis in the period since 2018.

What is different between Knights of the Chalice 1 and 2?

There are many differences between KotC 1 and KotC 2. The most obvious difference is that KotC 2 has 22 fully-fledged character classes, while KotC 1 only has three classes. KotC 2 also has ten interesting player races and 36 player subraces, while KotC 1 only has three player races. Moreover, Clerics and Bishops in KotC 2 have access to 41 exciting Cleric Domains.

KotC 2 comes with a powerful integrated editor, while KotC 1 does not. KotC 2 is also very flexible in the sense that I can add new feats, new items or new spells easily. That’s not the case with KotC 1. Moreover, the AI of enemy creatures now depends on their Intelligence score in KotC 2.

KotC 1 uses pixel-art graphics similar to Ultima VI, while KotC 2 uses high-resolution graphics. Adventure maps are tile-based in KotC 1. Now they’re based on a large PNG or JPG image. KotC 2 will have both top-down adventure maps and isometric maps and it will allow the player to choose between token-based graphics and sprite-based graphics. Also, KotC 2 uses OGG music files, while KotC 1 uses MIDI music files.

While KotC 1 allows you to create four party members, KotC 2 Augury of Chaos allows you to create six characters. KotC 2 also allows you to recruit endearing companions. Including companions, your party in Augury of Chaos may comprise up to eight or nine active party members. Your characters can move through squares occupied by allied creatures in KotC 2.


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