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Knights of the Chalice II - Version 1.12

by Hiddenx, 2021-04-01 15:55:58

Shamroxor spotted version 1.12 of Knights of the Chalice II (Toward the end of the update Pierre is collecting opinions on graphical preferences, so it's a good opportunity to let him know what you'd like him to focus on):

Update #45: KotC 2 Version 1.12 Brings New Features, Maps, Music & Bug Fixes! :-)

Hello everyone! Version 1.12 of KotC 2 Augury of Chaos is now available for download here for both Windows and macOS. The new version introduces many improvements.

New Option To Set An Overlay Image

I've added to the Module Editor the option to set an overlay image, that is to say an image that's displayed on top of almost everything else. This can be useful for when the party is walking behind something like a tree or a building. Using this feature, I've reworked the village map.

The overlay can also be used to have fog effects / cobweb effects / underwater effects / light effects (e.g. yellow, green, pink or blue light) displayed on top of both the characters and the environment using semi-transparent pixels in the overlay layer. Please see the entrance of the new map called Mysterious Cave for an example of this. The overlay setting can be found by clicking 'Edit Map Data' in the editor.

By the way, after watching the second tutorial video from PVG, the one about a foggy mountain bridge, I'm thinking to allow more background layers, including animated layers such as fog clouds slowly drifting in one direction, or a top layer for rain falling down.

Special Effects When Moving Through Water

I've added a bunch of graphical improvements when characters move through water/swimming squares and underwater environments. Please note: if these special effects slow your computer down too much, you can turn them off by switching off 'environmental particles' in the game options.

The new effects for water are the following: the lower part of the sprite of swimming characters will be displayed with transparency, water ripples will be displayed when moving or standing in water squares, and a white splash will be displayed when entering or leaving a body of water.

Additions To The Village Map And New Music

I've added a bunch of new isometric maps that can be accessed from the village map: Bailiff Tower, Mysterious Cave, Inn Ground Level, Inn Second Level. I'll fill them with cool NPCs, quests and monsters pretty soon. I made the maps using the resources from PVG. I hope you will like them!

I've only put a couple of monsters for your low-level party to fight, as an appetizer. See if you can use a particular spell on them to take advantage of the environment! ;-)

I've also added a bunch of roaming deer in the village map. It's nice just to watch them. Also added the tokens for the male and female deer. For those who're using the editor, please note that I've changed the names Buck and Doe into Deer-Male and Deer-Female, so please delete the folders Buck and Doe within the folder Graphics/Sprites/Complete.

Moreover, I've added four new soundtracks based on PVG resources. I've called them Cave of Whispers, Well of Souls, Corridor of Shadows, and Eternal Torment. Two of them are used in the Mysterious Cave.

Other New Features In KotC 2 Version 1.12

  • When you start a new game, all your characters will receive either a clothing item, or leather armour. They won't start out naked anymore. Mantis characters will be able to wear clothing items.
  • Reworked the icons in the inventory screen, changed the icons for energy resistances. Please let me know if you like the new Inventory Screen in the Forums or here in the Kickstarter update page.
  • In the Inventory Screen, added the 'Share Potions' icon. Drag a stack of potions onto it to distribute the potions to all party members automatically.
  • Added a drop-down selection box in the Creature Properties screen of the editor in order to allow selecting the number of squares occupied by the creature (1 x 1, 2 x 2, etc). Previously, the number of squares was obtained from the size of the token image.
  • Added large-size effect animations for the conditions Paralysed, Forcecage and Hideous Laughter.
  • Using the Left or Right arrow keys in the character sheet will find the next party member who has a similar tab. For example, if you have two Clerics and you're viewing the Divine Spells tab of the first Cleric, pushing the Right arrow key will display the Divine Spells tab of your other Cleric. It will skip characters who do not have a Divine Spells tab.
  • Added a new 'Set Facing' script command. Aside from the eight directions, this command can be used to make NPCs face the party leader when starting dialogue.
  • Assigned a sprite to all of the pre-generated characters. If you'd like to see them (and you're using the Windows version), before installing, please change the name of your file 'CharacterRoster.cml' in the folder 'Saves'. Otherwise, the Windows installer will see that you already have the file and it will not overwrite it.
  • Added a check-box in the Party Creation screen in order to hide pre-generated characters.
  • Added a check-box in the Party Creation screen in order to hide characters that do not meet the module's requirements.
  • Added new colour choices for the Plate Armour sprite with a red cape. Now we also have sprites for the Plate with a Blue / Golden / Purple / Green cape! Also changed the armour sprite names displayed in the editor to facilitate the selection of armour sprites for NPCs.
  • In the editor's 'Module Data' screen, added a check-box allowing you to specify that levelling-up never costs any gold in your module.
  • In the editor's 'Module Data' screen, added new boxes allowing you to disallow certain races or classes for the player characters in your module. For example, you can make a module without Mantis characters.
  • In the Module Editor, when you're using the Edit & Select NPC mode, and you have selected at least one creature, you can use Left Alt + numpad arrow keys to set the direction faced by the selected creatures. This wasn't important when creatures were represented using tokens only. Now it's needed because sprites can be facing any of the eight directions.
  • In the Script Editor, in number fields, you can now use 'roll(x)' to get a random die roll value. For example, you could set a creature to wait for a number of frames equal to 100+roll(150). Or you could set the creature to move to a random destination. Previously, you would have had to set the random roll into a variable. I've used this in the village map to set some non-combat paths for the deer. I've also explained it in the help entry about the Module Editor.
  • Added new help entries about Party Creation, Difficulty, and the 5-5-5 User-Module Offer.
  • Added the 'Difficulty' selection box in the party-creation screen. But the box doesn't do anything yet.
  • The list of party members in the top-right corner of the main view will now display the names of all of the party members (up to 15; beyond 15, the game will display a scroll bar).
  • I recently purchased almost all of the older asset packs of PVG, including Monsters Legacy 1. The packs contain some of the missing sprites of KotC 2: the Hydra, Giant Scorpion, Giant Snake, Giant Beetle, Gargoyle, Evil Eye, Harpy/Vrock, Naga/Marilith, more Elementals, more Golems, something I can use for the Crocodile, and something I can use for the Giant Frog (the 'Beast of Burden'). I will add those sprites and others to the game soon. Thank you H K for pointing me towards the packs!


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