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KotOR 2 - True Neutrality, Kreia

by Hiddenx, 2018-01-10 21:09:16

TechRaptor's Robert Grosso talks about the KotOR 2 character Kreia:

Character Select - True Neutrality, Kreia

Kreia as a character is rather difficult to understand, because for the entire game she represents several different points of view that are emblematic to the Star Wars brand while simultaneously deconstructing the core themes of the franchise. At first, she seems to be a philosopher and mentor to her student, the self-named Jedi Exile that the player creates. She is also a great manipulator, using her powers to slyly coerce other characters, including the Exile, to fulfill her personal goals. Both aspects follow standard Star Wars tropes—the wizened mentor and power-hungry dictator, contrasting each other into one character and representing both the light and dark side of the force vividly for the player. It is the final bit of her character that is most interesting, however, and that is her dedication to true neutrality. In the very poignant twist in the game, Kreia is both a Jedi and a Sith, both light and dark, and an enemy to what she blames as the source for all suffering in the galaxy: the Force itself.
Kreia is ultimately unique: a mentor and manipulator, a constant companion yet cunning adversary throughout your adventures with the Exile. She is complex in her emotions but simple in her motivations; she is adamant to her convictions and never waivers from her ultimate goals. She is both villain and hero, and neither at the same time—a true neutral character with unclear intentions from the get-go. Using a philosophical stance of true neutrality to question the very notions of what is truly light or dark make Kreia in all of her incarnations a memorable figure in the Star Wars universe.

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