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Lost Eidolons - Feature Spotlight: Camp Actions/Outgame

by Silver, 2021-04-03 10:33:30

The latest feature spotlight for Lost Eidolons looks at the sort of actions you can perform in the encampments and outposts that you’ll visit between story sequences.

Greetings everyone!

Earlier this week we discussed some of the backstory and lore of Lost Eidolons. For this blog we’ll be talking about what sort of actions you can perform in the encampments and outposts that you’ll visit between story sequences! We describe this as the outgame of Lost Eidolons.

(As a disclaimer, Lost Eidolons is actively under development and visual media shown in this blog and others is not representative of the final game! We’ve got a lot of polishing to do!)

The Camp: Place of Preparation

Lost Eidolons camp actions blog

Welcome to your camp outpost. This is where you’ll manage everything between battles.

The camp serves as an important place of respite for the player between every major story sequence. Before setting off to the next encounter, take some much needed time to explore the various facilities made available to you. Whether it’s equipping your units with new gear or recruiting new allies, preparation is key to securing victory out in the field! If a scenario proves to be too challenging, it’s worth considering a change in strategy and unit composition to overcome these obstacles.

Merchants: What are ya buyin’?

Lost Eidolons camp actions merchant trade window

Let’s make a deal!

The merchants are where you can spend your gold to acquire new equipment, spells, consumables, and in some cases key items. There are three types of merchants including equipment, consumable, and rare barterers.

Players should often check the merchants to see if they can procure new items to equip their units with. The foundation to a powerful militia is the arms and armor that they carry!

Leadership: Fostering Your Army

Lost Eidolons camp actions blog training UI

Select the characters you’d like to spar with and what you’ll be training with.

When you enter the camp, you’ll notice you have a special resource called Leadership. Leadership is replenished whenever you enter an episode’s camp for the first time. It is spent to gain additional rewards when partaking in activities around the camp. As the resource is finite and does not replenish until the next camp, you must carefully decide how to allocate it as to improve your bearing among your troops. Note that Leadership will not carry over to the next camp, so you should spend it all before proceeding to the next combat scenario. As a note, there are methods to increase the maximum amount of Leadership that you can regenerate to.


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