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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Community Patches

by Redglyph, 2021-10-08 15:37:05

The Gamer discusses patches from the Legendary Edition Community Patch Team.

Fan-Made Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mega Patch Fixes Dozens Of Bugs Still Left In The Game

Mass Effect Legendary Edition fixed a lot of bugs that were still in the original game, but the remastered trilogy didn't fix every bug, and sometimes it even added whole new ones. Legendary Edition is very good, but it's not perfect, and it might take far more time and effort to make it perfect than would be profitable for BioWare.

But where BioWare fails, the community provides. A group of over a dozen modders have teamed up to form the Legendary Edition Community Patch Team with the stated goal of fixing everything wrong with Legendary Edition. No matter how small or inconsequential the bug, this mod team is on a mission to squash every last one of them.

The team already has two community patches over on Nexus Mods; one for Mass Effect 1 and the other for Mass Effect 3. Both patches fix hundreds of bugs, most of them minor graphical glitches or inconsistencies that you might not even notice, but a few rise to more wriggling issues that really should be addressed, like how Wrex/Grunt's weapons disappear when they're holstered or how none of the NPCs really touch their ears when they're using their communicators.


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