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Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Gameplay Tuning, Rebalancing and More

by Silver, 2021-04-06 20:21:13

Gematsu reports on the gameplay tuning and rebalancing coming to Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Table of Contents

  • Combat Tuning (Mass Effect)
  • Additional Gameplay Improvements (All)
  • The Mako (Mass Effect)
  • Unifying and Modernizing the Trilogy (All)
  • Galaxy at War Rebalancing (Mass Effect 3)

■ Combat Tuning

“I don’t need luck—I have ammo.”

Combat in the Mass Effect trilogy has evolved across the series, with each game’s experience being different. We wanted to make the experience better across the board, but we didn’t want to unnecessarily change what our fans have come to love about each game. That proved a unique challenge, as the first game is quite different from the second and third in terms of gameplay and combat. Mass Effect was heavily influenced by traditional RPG mechanics, like the randomness of a dice roll and pen-and-paper stat building. As a result, weapons in Mass Effect often felt less accurate and reliable than the gunplay in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

We heard the consistent feedback that it was pretty frustrating to take a few shots with an assault rifle and suddenly have the reticle enlarge to span a large portion of the screen, so we looked at tuning the mechanics to provide better handling without outright scrapping the spirit of the original games.


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