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Monster Hunter Rise - Review Roundup

by Redglyph, 2022-01-10 20:06:15

Wccf Tech: 9/10

With the streamlining of some of the most annoying aspects of the Monster Hunter experience and some excellent additions to the formula like Wirebugs and Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise reaches the heights of the best entries in the series with ease. While not all of the changes and new features have been for the best, like Rampage Quests, their general quality level, and the amazing PC port, do make the game one that's worth playing for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers.

Pros: Deep and rewarding combat, with 14 different weapon types. New traversal options that make exploring maps fun. The overall streamlining makes the game very easy to pick up and play. A wealth of visual and performance options.

Cons: Village Quests feel more like tutorial quests. Rampage Quests can be annoying. Talisman system makes optimal character customization more frustrating than it should be. Visuals, while decent looking, are not on the same level as Monster Hunter World's.

RPGFan: 92/100

Monster Hunter Rise is a wonderful addition to the series and one of the best ways to lose a couple hundred hours of your life.

Pros: Fantastic quality of life changes, inspired gameplay touch-ups, incredible overall aesthetics.

Cons: Lacking endgame, rather bland map design, rampages feel tedious.

GodisaGeek: 10/10

An excellent port that presents a solid, complete experience. Super fast load times, improved performance and a ton of content make Monster Hunter Rise on PC the definitive version.

POSITIVES: Looks great and runs beautifully. Launches with all additional content. Improved load times. Multiplayer has voice chat.

NEGATIVES: Multiplayer is still a little overcomplicated.

PCGamesN: 9/10

Thanks to a beautifully realised setting and some genuinely innovative combat additions, Monster Hunter Rise is fun from start to finish. If you haven’t played a Monster Hunter game yet, this is the best one to start with.

Player2: B+

Monster Hunter Rise is at its best on the PC. The extra power brings a smoother, prettier experience to an already craking game.



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