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Monster's Den: Godfall - Adventure Mode Update

by Silver, 2019-07-11 10:59:45

The Adventure Mode update for Monster's Den: Godfall introduces new classes and a challenge mode.

Monsters' Den Godfall v1.20 - Adventure Update!

New features:

  • Introduces the long-awaited Adventure Mode, a new way to play. Take on weekly challenges or custom adventures in self-contained dungeons
  • New Steam achievements for Adventure Mode
  • Three new advanced classes - the Fanatic, Druid and Illusionist. They are unlocked by completing the campaign. If you've previously completed the campaign, loading any saved game will grant the unlock

Changes and bug fixes:

  • Fixed custom sprites/portraits on Mac
  • Fixed battle animation desync issue when taking turns too quickly
  • Autosave is now triggered when descending dungeon floors
  • Added additional explainer text to the anniversary missions
  • Fixed a problem where character's passive abilities would sometimes not trigger at the start of combat
  • Added more variety to Wandering Merchant's greeting
  • Gave a warning when quitting during battle in adventure/ironman
  • Armor is no longer expressed as a percentage
  • A new "% armor total" stat has been added
  • 'Corrosive' dungeon mod now uses "% armor total"
  • Fixed saved game screenshots sometimes showing loading screen
  • Changing tabs now has a click sound
  • 'Increase stats' buttons now make click sound
  • Cleaned up tooltip behaviour during enchantment animation
  • Daggers are no longer Restricted: Divine
  • Fixed some dialog box issues
  • Fixed some corner tooltip issues
  • Gambler's Dice can now drop from city searches
  • Ruin Scouting Reports can now can drop from bosses

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