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NWN - v1.69 Beta 5

by Dhruin, 2008-02-03 11:03:26

BioWare's Craig Welburn has announced v1.69 Beta 5 for NWN with these changes:

- Fixes to horse related scripts.
- Fixed portable encampment script x3_it_camp.nss, so that it only fires when the item is activated.
- Fixed toolset crash when shutting down toolset, or switching between modules.
- Fixed issue in the "City Interior 2" tileset that could cause the toolset/game to crash.
- Newly created modules will now have the OnClientEnter script set to "x3_mod_def_enter" by default.
- Removed extra broken ruby template from Toolset palette.
- Fixed broken portrait references in Appearance.2da for Halaster, Satyr Archer, Satry Warrior and the "Witch King, Disguised".
- Many tileset fixes.
- Many spelling/typo fixes to the offical campaign.
- Fixed issue with some flag/tree placeables moving after being placed down in the toolset.
- Fixed game hang caused by Wizards having more than 255 spells known in their spell book.

...and Brian Chung continues to mention a v1.70.

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