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Niffelheim - New Animations and Balance

by Silver, 2019-03-12 10:15:10

Niffelheim's latest update improves the animations and the balance.

New animations and new balance [Update 1.0.008]

new animation

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on a few large updates for Niffelheim in the last months.
And I am excited to finally share the news with you.


1. Animations

First I’d like to tell you that we
have unified and improved animations for each character individually. Check out
the new trailer to see some of these.

2. Satiety.

We have improved the satiety balance for each
character, so you won’t starve that often from now on. Let the heroes’ stomachs
be full! )

3. Hints

We’ve added in-game hints for various
actions: collection, attack, gathering etc. Now the gameplay is going to be
even more comfortable, especially if you are using a gamepad. You can always
disable hints in the game’s settings.

4. Mobs

Another thing we focused on was the
distribution of mobs across dungeons and now it’s more interesting to hunt a
certain boss or mob. Mines are now inhabited by various undead mobs, the left
dungeon – by trolls and skeletons, and the right dungeon – by spiders. We have
also improved stats and loot for the mobs.

We are going to support and improve the game further; we are reading all
your feedback and really appreciate the interest and support you are showing
for our game. At the time we are also porting the PC version of the game to Nintendo
Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. The game’s release on consoles in
scheduled for this spring.

Ellada Games Team

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