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Nioh - Review @ Gaming Age

by Hiddenx, 2017-11-09 20:54:31

Gaming Age reviewed the Complete Edition of Nioh:

Nioh: Complete Edition review for PC

The announcement that Nioh, the ultra-hard, Samurai action RPG from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo was going to be released on PC came out of nowhere. The original game released in February of this year exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The Dark Souls/Ninja Gaiden inspired RPG was incredibly well received, but something that the community largely assumed would remain a PS4 exclusive, not unlike 2015s smash hit, Bloodborne. Then out of nowhere, they announce not only a port, but a “Complete Edition” coming to PC, and coming soon! The Complete Edition includes the base game, as well as the three-story expansions that came to the PS4. This looked to be the definitive version of an already amazing game, but I tempered my excitement, mostly due to being bit by PC ports too many times in the past. Unfortunately, I ended up getting about 50% of what I wanted here, with the game still being absolutely fantastic, but the port ending up with more issues that I had hoped.
Assigning a grade here is exceptionally difficult. I would like to judge the game based on its own merit, PC port notwithstanding, unfortunately, this is a review for the Complete Edition, which is the PC port. If you have ever praised the sun, or if you have any fear of the old blood, Nioh is an absolute must play. A fantastic and deep combat system, coupled with great boss design and a difficult yet fair effort/reward loop put Nioh right up there with its not so distant brothers in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. If I were to assign a score to the game, simply for its content it would absolutely be a solid “A”. Unfortunately, even though it is the Complete Edition, this is not necessarily the superior version of the game. If you only play games on PC, this game is still a no-brainer to pick up, but if you’re like me and have consoles as well as a computer, I think the PS4 may still be the place to play Nioh.

Grade: B-

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