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Non-RPG General News - 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games

by Silver, 2019-05-14 20:21:57

Twinfinite share their list of the 10 best post-apocalyptic games.

The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog are masters of emotional storytelling, and The Last of Us still, years later, represents the developer’s peak in terms of storytelling.

The world in The Last of Us is wracked by the devastating Cordyceps virus, turning humans and animals alike into horrendous zombie-like creatures that are sensitive to sound.

The Last of Us tells a very personal story about the life of Joel and Ellie, two survivors stuck in this horrible reality. It’s a fascinating study of human nature, as the two characters become co-dependent on each other, past what is healthy.

The Last of Us also does a great job at portraying the brutality of humanity in an apocalyptic setting.

Both the protagonists and villains blur the lines between good and evil, and create questions about what happens to morality in times like this.

Tokyo Jungle

Remember when we said post-apocalyptic games need to do something unique? Well, you can’t get much more unique than Tokyo Jungle. There are no humans left in this apocalypse, only animals, and that’s exactly who you play as.

You start out as a Pomeranian in the ruins of Tokyo, struggling to survive, and as you complete missions you’ll get the chance to play as even more animals. There’s a basic story to see in Tokyo Jungle, but the game is so ridiculous that it ends up being loads of fun, and it knows how ridiculous it is.

Based on which animal you’re playing you’ll face different challenges, like fighting Cat bosses as the Pomeranian, or taking on a tough Beagle when you play as a Hyena.

It’s absurd, but it’s one of the most wonderfully unique post-apocalyptic games out there.


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