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Non-RPG General News - The Dark Mod 2.09 is now available

by Silver, 2021-02-21 20:13:30

DSOGaming reports on a new version of The Dark Mod which is a mod based on THIEF.

The Dark Mod 2.09 brings various performance and graphical improvements. For instance, it uses a brand new Backend that takes advantage of UBO, Persistent Mapping, Bindless textures, and Multi-Draw. Additionally, Normal Map compression now uses RGTC resulting in lower storage, VRAM requirements, and less artifacts.

This new version of The Dark Mod also adds a new Sharpening filter. Moreover, it improves its particle physics for both accuracy and performance.

You can download The Dark Mod 2.09 from here. Below you can also find its key features.


Thanks Farflame!

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