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NWN - Interview @ Techradar

by Hiddenx, 2022-06-19 15:51:24

Lucky Day spotted a Techradar interview with Trent Oster founder and CEO of Beamdog, once the director of Neverwinter Nights:

After 20 years, Neverwinter Nights' director would like 'to take another run at it'

"I’m an optimizer," says Trent Oster, now founder and CEO of Beamdog, once the director of Neverwinter Nights, Bioware’s landmark RPG which launched 20 years ago today. “When I look at something, I'm like, ‘I think I can do that better’. And the problem I'm trying to solve is that it takes years to create content, and it takes minutes to play it.”

This was the problem Bioware encountered during the development of Baldur's Gate, a game which, it has been estimated, took 90 years' worth of working hours to build. Baldur’s Gate is a sprawling and highly flexible RPG, frequently regarded as one of the greatest ever made. But it is ultimately designed to tell one story. A very big story, but a single one regardless.

After wrapping up Baldur's Gate, Bioware decided it wanted the player to enjoy not just one story, but thousands. "The democratization of game design," Oster says. "Allowing people to go in and build their own adventures and share them with their friend group." The result would pioneer many of the concepts that power some of today's biggest games, combining the community-driven creation that would make Skyrim and Minecraft such enduring phenomena, with the curated shared-world experience that attracts thousands of players to Destiny and GTA Online. Neverwinter Nights was wildly ambitious, and it would push Bioware to the limit, with long-lasting effects for both the studio and Oster personally.



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