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Original Sin - The Board Game funded!

by Hiddenx, 2019-11-20 19:43:19

Divinity Original Sin the Board Game has been funded on Kickstarter:

That was quite a rush!


It took over a year to develop the first prototype and make it to this point, and thanks to you, only four hours to reach our funding goal. But this is just the beginning… well… the middle.

We can’t thank you enough for the adrenaline you’ve thrown our way today, and we’ve spent the day trying to keep up with the velocity of the campaign and what comes next. We have 29 days to cover, and we hear you loud and clear: you’re into it!

So are we. And so with that said, we’ve cooked up a few stretch goals. To tide us all over.

Beast and Lohse, two of Divinity: Original SIn 2’s characters make their way to the game, joining Ifan, Vali, Farzanah, and the infamous Red Prince. Along with these friends comes upgrades for the Summoners of you, featuring two high quality minis, the Incarnate and the Bone Widow.

The good thing about these Stretch goals is that if we reach them, everyone will benefit from them because all stretch goal content is automatically added to your boxes.


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