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Outward - Review @ Invision Game Community

by Hiddenx, 2019-04-13 19:07:26

Invision Game Community has reviewed Outward:

Outward Review

Outward is the 3rd game to be developed by Nine Dots Studio, a 10 man game development studio, as a loving remembrance of old school RPGs. Combining elements of Two Worlds, The Elder Scrolls and slight Diablo tones, Outward is a beautiful mash of RPG design. Playing as an almost common person, you will have the option of following 1 of 3 paths as you work to make a name for yourself, save the world or simply keep your tribe alive in a harsh world.


Overall, Outward gets a 7/10, it is an amazing experience full of fun encounters, short puzzles alongside a lengthy story that can be replayed 3 times. Co-Op systems may put some off from approaching the game, as progress is very skewed toward the main player, but playing with a friend improves the experience several times. The world is rather big, but quests force you to backtrack way too often. Combat is tactful if a bit underdeveloped in places with the overall game feeling very challenging throughout. With some more polish, an updated script along with some balancing work, Outward could be an amazing game, but right now it is an unpolished gem waiting to shine in the spotlight.

The Good

  • Large world with several optional dungeons.
  • 3 whole story paths.
  • Interactive magic systems.
  • Realistic weight and backpack dropping mechanics.
  • Great travel immersion.
  • Can be played fully in Co-Op.

The Bad

  • Overuse of backtracking.
  • Survival systems become redundant too quickly.
  • Some sharp difficulty spikes.
  • Unclear dialogue and decisions.
  • Too many glitches.
  • Co-Op partner gets reduced or no rewards.
  • Poor music looping.
  • Very minimal voice acting.

Score: 7/10

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