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Path of Exile - Developer Q&A Part One

by Hiddenx, 2017-03-20 21:40:26

Here's part one of the Path of Exile developer Q&A:

Last week we asked the community for questions for our developers to answer. We received dozens of pages of questions and have spent the week answering many of the ones from the first eight pages. We're going to have to answer more of these questions in a follow-up post or two soon!

Note that not everything has been answered in this post. Some large topics have been missed out, if information isn't available right this second for a good answer. We will try to answer these ones in a follow up post. Minor edits were made to the questions to fix grammar or spelling mistakes.


What is the current plan for languages? I read about a german portation quite a while ago. Sure it won't be at a high place on the list of priorities, but i would be a nice QoL. :)

We're trying to find people to help us with German, French and Spanish translations. Last week we asked for help in the news and over 500 people contacted us! We're blown away by the amazing response!


Thank you for the info, henriquejr!

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